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Grief, and the  Loss of a Son or Daughter, Loneliness, Desperation, Anger, Shock,
are the most Damaging Symptoms for a person to experience,

What is Bereavement?

The shock of loss...The Traumatic news of the death of your child will throw you into a state of shock and disbelief. The powerful intensity of your feelings, the total desperation at the loss, all lead to desperation for help. 
The death of someone is a most devastating experience. But the death of your child turns your world completely upside down and inside out.
To be told, or watch someone you gave life to, pass on, just challenges the natural order of natural things.

The loss is absolute. Parents are left trying to make sense out of nonsense, because Children should Grieve the loss of parents, not the other way round.

There are no rules and no right or wrong in the way you cope with Grief.
For parents, the powerful intensity of inner emotions, can make you feel like screaming at fate,destiny or even faith
There in no immediate cure for all this. Being a Bereaved parent is the worse of the worse of
circumstances, like being in hell and with no quick way out.
Bereavement is bad but Parent Bereavement can become so bad that you may think life is not worth while going on.
So hang on, try to be strong, the grief, anger, depression, desperation is and shall very slowly
partially fade away.
You only learn through time, on how to manage it or deal with it. 



  • Some of the symptoms:-
    • I cannot believe its happened!
    • I cannot do anything!
    • I am scared to go out!
    • I keep getting flashbacks!
    • I feel so angry!
    • If only!
    • It hurts! and it will not go away.
    • I feel so tense and restless and tired!
    • I forget things!
    • Nobody understands!
    • I feel I do not want to talk to anyone!
    • I want justice done to respect what has happened!

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