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to Chrisi

To hold you, to kiss you,
to have you in my arms.
To protect you and keep you
safe from wordly harms.
What i would do for
a second chance,
To have you here with me,
if only i could make a wish,
to hold you endlessly.
No fairytale is this life,
No magic potion in a glass,
to wake you from your slumber,
this life you did bypass.
You my son, my prince on high,
Were too good for this earth,
You left your mark on all our hearts,
from the day mum gave you birth.
So in my heart I'll hold you,
to the heavens I'll send a kiss.
My arms will long to hold you

Chrisi you, I'll forever miss.

The heart of your absence,
alone in its life.
No rushing of blood,
stillness is rife.
Steadily pulsating,
no cause to upbeat
someday soon another
shall meet.
Two shattered hearts
knowing the other,
The pain and sadness
of father and mother.
Time the essence
in life is the healing.
Of two lonely hearts,
giving in feeling.
Your absence in life,
has not been in vain.
Still the heart longs
to be with you again.
In your dimension
far up above,
Send down to us
your blessings and love.

Where are you?

Far in the untracked immeasureable skies
Winging your way as your spirit flies.
into the universe with all it's lies,
Deception we see through our naked eyes.
What do you see when you surf the sky?
Can you look down and hear us cry?
Why did you have to go and fly?
Is there really a God on high?
A spectacular aura of light are you?
Or one of Gods, chosen few?
Do you have, a body anew?
Will you ever come into view?
Unanswered questions do drive us mad,
your absence too makes us sad
Our lives have changed for the bad
as we mourn for the precious son we had.




Someone said "I know how you feel"
She lost her cat you see.
Her baby boy, she claimed to be,
Was she talking seriously!?

I took a back seat, I let her talk,
as she tried to hold back tears.
"I know it's only a cat" she said,
but i had him for twelve long years.

For God's sake, i thought to myself,
I'm i really hearing this S***!
Comparing my loss to that of her cat,

hard down on my lip i bit.

This was a real good friend of mine,
I knew her for so many years,
"We have both gone through the mill"
she said, as she cried her crocodile tears.

What the heck do i say to her?!
Not to embarrass, my dear best friend.
"Get out my house!" i wanted to scream,
but to her i couldn't offend.

No-one can ever feel our loss,
nor plod on, in our heavy shoes.
Their world hasn't come crashing down,
their child they didn't lose.

So next time i will try to be brave,
and say what's on my mind.
I will quietly say " forgive me my friend"
but my nerves you do so grind.

"Do think before you open your mouth,
a cat... get another one!
But tell me this my dearest friend,
How can i replace my son!?

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