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Years have passed since the sad day
When one we loved was called away.
The blow was hard, The shock severe
to part with one so near


Silent thoughts of times
Together that will last forever


It matters not how many years
There is still the  Heartache and
still the tears


Lonely is the home without you
Life to us is not the same.
All the world would be like Heaven
Just to have you back again

You had a smile for everyone
You had a heart of gold.
You left the sweetest memories
This world could ever hold


They say there is a reason
They say time will heal
But neither time nor reason
Can change the way we feel


Never more than a thought away.
Loved and remembered every day


Till memory fades and life departs
They will live in our hearts


We often sit and think of you
And think of how you died.
To think you could not say goodbyes.
Before you closed you eyes.


Memories are Treasures
no one can steal.


All our tomorrows will be as today
Loving you, Missing you every day


You fell asleep without goodbye
But memories of you will never die


We miss his words
His kindly ways.
With him we spent the
Happiest days.
Before you closed you eyes.


We remember back to when you were born
We promised to love and help you grow strong
And as far as we know We did succeed
A fine young man you became indeed

And so our lives became one long quest
That life would grant you only the best
And in return you gave to us
Laughter joy love and trust
We shared your hopes asperations and dreams
Your plans for your future burst at the seams

But sadly this was not to be
and by a tragic blow we were brought to our knees
You were snatched from us
In the flash of a pan And sadly you died
by an others hand

And if your death was not enough
We were frustrated and angered by the legal stuff
It tested our strengh to the very core
And left us nursing a wide open sore

The pain was unbearable
How will we survive?
We have to fight back
To prevent our demise
We have to flight back
To prevent our demise
We have others to think of
Who are victims as well
How much? who can tell

So when in the night
And we are missing you so
We hear your voice so gentle and low
Please dont cry and dont dispair
There are people just like you
Who need you to care
To challenge injustice and laws
that are wrong
I will be right beside you
And help you stay strong

With this in mind
and a strong and a strong premonition
We dream of a day
When we win recognition
and offer some hope for our sons and the others
their brothers their sisters their fathers and mothers

And only then when justice is done
Will we find peace of mind
In the name of our sons 

Poem by T. Land.

Copyright © 2007, Never Away - charity organisation helping those in need - Charity No. SCO38648