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Clever, considearte and polite we have heard,
"What!" our chrisi "Don't be absurd!"
Impatient, frustrated with a temper to match,
holes in the walls and doors,
there is a batch.

The leap out the window and police at the door,
We've been at wits end, where we can't take no more.
But forgotten so quickly, back he would come,
after 2 or 3 nights being out on the run,

That tall handsome figure, was a welcoming sight,

for the searching we did on many a night,
Mum, Dad or grandad, gran or John too,
the FRIENDS who all warned him to keep out of view!!
Phone calls unanswered or not sent on time,
all that we asked was to give us a line.

The picture that's given wasn't always that bad,
for brilliant at sports was the word for the lad
and quick on the pick up for anything taught,
but paying attention had many ones fraught.

He wanted the limelight and would turn on the charms,
showing his six pack and muscles on arms.
Impressing the birds was what Chrisi liked best,
the football or swimming came second best.

Whenever he went there was no holding back,
if he spotted some talent he was right on their track.
from fife to pitlochry and even Dundee,
each place not one, it would be 2 or 3.

There were few that were special, but not taking the pace,
and when it came to the let down it was seen in his face,

See inside our Chrisi he was a gem, the macho man image,
just now and then,
It's amazing that we are now all finding out,
that he was what folk say without a doubt,
A loveable rogue just full of patter,
he was what he was and that doesn't matter.

His time on this earth we will always treasure,
in our hearts living on to the fullest of measure,
Now god has him back under his care,
and left us fond memories, we will always share.

written by his Gran Margaret Davis




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