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Grief and Bereavement after the Loss of a Daughter or Son, Loneliness, Desperation, Anger, Shock,
are Damaging Symptoms,

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Continuing with life afterwards

What makes grieving more difficult sometimes, is how hard it is to allow grief to come to the surface.
The following may hinder the healing process:

  • Refusal to accept the loss and express you feeling outwardly.
  • Lack of emotional or spiritual support as most do not know how to cope 
  • Difficulties communicating in the family or with others
  • Mixed feelings towards the lost person. Love foe them never dies. 
  • Low self-esteem and confidence 
  • Anxiety about how you are going to face the future
  • Reminder of a past bereavement.




Periods of adjustment in Bereavement and or Grief
Bereavement, means and feels being robbed and deprived of hope.

As the reality of loss sinks in, it is normal to feel anger and even hatred towards someone you feel must be blamed and or blaming yourself for not having had any means of prevent it.

Guilt and anger, despair can also sometimes affect those closest to the family or family members.
Beware! Losing a child can strain even the best of partnerships. Sometimes a grieving parent will unaware,shut or distant his/her partner out, isolation can creep in. Even after the rawness of the feelings fades, a person may have long periods of adjustment, not always anticipated. You catch yourself laughing, or even feeling that some kind of acceptable life is around, this can turn to guilt, or grief because you realise your child is no longer there to share it, or its� not right to feel ok.

Basic day-to-day existence, to at a workplace-is an enormous effort. You wake up in the morning and you are feeling already exhausted, How many friends, relatives and wokmates are able to cope with your continued exhaustion, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, depression, self-pity and irrational behaviour when comes to anniversaries or birthdays?

There is no time limit on grief and you possibly will never be the same person.
The feeling is Nobody fully recovers from the death of their child: they learn to adjust, as to the best way to cope with life.

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