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After the Trauma of An Accident and the loss of your child,many symtoms come upon you like Desperation, Anger, Shock, Numbness take effect and your world suddenly has completely changed

Like .........How others behave towards you  !!!!?????

After a tragic death in a family, like the loss your DAughter or Son, your entire
world and mental attitude towards everything changes dramatically

After the death / loss of a son / daughter, somehow,quite a few of us will experience, that the people you expected
to be around to help you most, will /could just disappear, and you are left to feel alone and abandoned.
If you Try to understand why! you will not get a logical answer.
Most persons friends / relatives, do not know how to deal with a grieving person,and in some situations will try and avoid you. More anger piled on.!
I have even noticed that the regular phone calls have somehow disappeared.
At a place of work they somehow expect you to be back to near normal in only months, A non bereaved person reading this, should realise that it is not necessary at all to talk about the tragedy but just to acknowledge  that you are still around if we need you.
They possible are afraid / embarrassed  to show signs of emotions when in your company.
You are Suffering
You are Angry
You are Depressed
You are Desperate
You are in Shock

and so on

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