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After the Loss of a Son or Daughter, Loneliness, Desperation, Anger, Shock,
are some of the effects taht can take place and hit you hard the most
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How Can Faith be comforting or not in a state of Bereavement and Grief.?
Many a parent, after the death of their child, may find questioning their faith. It will be a normal human reaction. As some of us tend to believe that since birth, our life is already planned, and then this happens and the question arises! Why has it happened to me / us?
Some will continue and increase the strength of our belief, while others will feel that it has become useless to believe in faith any more, as what happened, was not meant, therefore we want to question or blame someone(spiritually) as it all seems and feels totally unfair, and worse of all, no reason or answers is ever given.
The question of Fate and Destiny is then considered and does it help?
Not really as again there is no true answer for giving comfort unless your faith is strong.
Therefore you continue to grieve in your painful way and let life take its daily course as best as your can .

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